1. Company, contact

1.1   The owner of the online store operating at is Amazing Lashes OÜ with headquarters at Laki tn 30, Tallinn (12915) in Estonia entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs under the number 14614645, hereinafter referred to as "AMAZING LASHES".

1.2    The contracts are concluded in English through the website

1.3    The products available for sale at the website are the products of the AMAZING LASHES partners. The AMAZING LASHES Partner is always a party of the Contract with the customer.

1.4   A customer can contact the online store at Laki tn 30, Tallinn (12915), Estonia or via email at

  1. The operating principles of the Amazing Lashes online store

2.1 AMAZING LASHES sells goods to AMAZING LASHES Partners via an organized online store.

  1. Ordering goods

3.1  Orders are accepted through the

3.2  The goods in the online store are described and specifically marked and contain the information about the properties of the item, its price, etc.

3.3  When ordering a product, the customer chooses an item by specifying its properties and the number of pieces ordered.

  1. How to buy in the online store

4.1   After selecting a product a customer clicks the "Add to basket" icon.

4.2   The product is moved to the basket, which is visible to the customer after clicking on the basket icon in the bar at the top of the page. A customer can pass straight to the basket by selecting the "Checkout" button which launches the page showing all products in the basket.

4.3   After choosing the delivery method (i.e. International courier) and entering all the necessary data (including the invoice data, if applicable), a payment method must be chosen.

4.4  There are several payment methods available including a traditional transfer or online payment via PayPal.

4.5   After selecting the "Order" option, a customer can be registered in the store (when he/she does not have an account yet), place an order without registering or log into the  account registered earlier.

4.6  By logging onto the website the Customer gains access to additional options such as: order history, order racking, remembering the addresses of shipments or receiving  updated information on the products available in the store. 

4.7   The Customer completes the necessary data to execute the order, including the delivery address. The customer confirms the order by clicking "Confirm purchase" button.

4.8   After clicking the "Confirm purchase" button and with the online payment option,  after executing the payment via PayPal, the Customer is directed to the “Continue shopping” page or the “Order summary”.

4.9  With the online payment methods such as PayPal, the payment should be made immediately after placing an order. If the payment has not been is not made to the AMAZING LASHES Partner's account, PayPal, the order is not considered to be duly submitted, the contract is not deemed concluded and the order will not be executed. In this case, the Customer can place a new order. 

4.10 A customer can cancel an order at each stage of ordering until the payment has finally been made by resigning from the next steps of ordering and leaving the page for placing orders. The order will not be continued unless it has finally been submitted.

4.11 Immediately after placing the order the Customer receives the confirmation on the placed order to the e-mail address provided in the login details. The Customer receives a unique number characterizing the order which can be then used for checking the order status.

4.12 The Contract of sale for the ordered product is concluded upon sending an e-mail as per item 4.11, subject to the provision 6 below.

4.13 AMAZING LASHES may contact the Customer at the e-mail address provided by the Customer or by phone, to the contact telephone number indicated by the Customer in order to clarify doubts, if any, confirm the order or solve other issues related to the execution of the order.

  1. Prices

5.1    Prices on the website are given in PLN and are net values.

5.2    To every price of the product the costs of shipment should be added; they depend  on the chosen form of delivery and payment.

5.3    The price given on the website at the time of placing the order is the final price and is binding for the Customer. After placing the order, the price for the ordered goods does not change, regardless the price changes, promotion or sale campaigns launched by AMAZING LASHES.

5.4   AMAZING LASHES reserves their rights to change the prices of goods in the online store, to introduce new products for sale, to carry out and cancel promotions on the online store or to introduce further changes as may deem necessary for the operation of the store.

  1. Availability of ordered goods

6.1   All goods sold in the online store are available at the moment of their offer.

6.2   In exceptional cases, for example when the order for the same product is being placed by many customers simultaneously, a product may not be available. In such a case, the Customer will be informed about the lack of possibility to fulfill the order and in such case the contract between the parties is not concluded (or is terminated automatically).

  1. The lack of possibility to complete the order

In the absence of a given product in the store or for some other reason which enables the store to complete the order, the Customer is informed about the problems with the order via e-mail or by phone and is presented with the alternative solutions.

  1. The delivery method and delivery time

8.1   Deliveries of goods are carried out in European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway and the United States.

8.2   In the case when the shipment is paid upon delivery, the order is be forwarded for execution immediately after its submission, subject to point 6 of the Regulations. In the case of online payment, the order is ready for execution after confirming the receipt of payment to the AMAZING LASHES/AMAZING LASHES Partner account (after making a transfer or via PayPal), subject to point 6 of the Regulations.

8.3   If the selected product is available and the Customer has chosen the delivery to the address indicated, the product will be sent to the Customer within a maximum of 3 business days from the day of ordering.

8.4  If the online payment via PayPal or a traditional transfer is chosen, the order begins with the full payment to the AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES PARTNER  account or an agent and the delivery term should be counted from the term of full payment.

8.5   If you choose to deliver goods via courier companies, the expected delivery time is three working day from the day after the date of sending the parcel. The total deadline for completing the order should not exceed 5 business days from the date of placing the order.

  1. Forms of payment for the order

9.1  Transfer: traditional transfers and electronic transfers using PayPal.

9.2  AMAZING LASHES or AMAZING LASHES Partner never sends emails to their Customers with the information on the changes of orders, accounts, amounts  or requests for payments via transfers (or does not contact the customers in any other way). In case such a request is received the Customer is requested not to respond to them and notify AMAZING LASHES about such cases at:

  1. Online sale contract

10.1 The information on the website does not constitute an offer of entering a contract in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

10.2 The order placed as specified in the items 4.11 and 4.12. shall be understood as the contract entered between the two Parties.

11.The performance of the Contract- deadline 

Depending on the type of delivery chosen by the Customer, AMAZING LASHES undertakes to deliver the goods via the courier / placing the goods in the automated InPost parcel lockers within 5 working days from placing the order correctly, or in the case when the goods are not in stock of lack or the store has no possibility to complete the order for other reasons, the customer will be notified about the circumstances of not meeting the delivery deadline. Working days are counted from Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

  1. The cost of delivery

12.1 Deliveries are carried out in European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway and the United States.

12.2 The delivery costs depend on the country of destination, start from 9,00£

  1. Cancellation of the contract

13.1 The customer has the right to cancel the Contract of online sale within 14 days without giving any reason.

13.2 The deadline to cancel the Contract expires after 14 days from the date on which the customer came into possession of the item or in which the third party other than the supplier (eg. courier) and indicated by the customer came into the possession of the item.

13.3 In order to exercise the right to cancel the Contract the Agreement, the Customer must inform AMAZING LASHES about his/her decision to cancel the Contract by making an explicit statement sent by letter to the address specified in item 1.4 or via email to

13.4 The customer should use the model cancellation form (although using the form is not compulsory) which should be printed and filled in. The cancellation form is available on the website of the online store in the "Returns and complaints" tab.

13.5 The Customer exercising the right to cancel the contract is obliged to return the unwanted goods to AMAZING LASHES Partner within 14 days from the day on which he cancelled the contract. The customer is responsible for covering the direct costs of returning the items. The return address is provided in section 4.11.

13.6 In the event of the Customer’s cancelation of the Contract the AMAZING LASHES Partner shall return all received payments to the Customer immediately, excluding the costs of items delivery, and in any case no later than within 14 days from the date when   AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner received the returned goods and the statement of the contract cancelation from the Customer.

13.7 The Customer shall be made responsible for reducing the value of things resulting from their use if used adversely to the established use, nature, characteristics and functioning.

  1. Responsibility for the defects

14.1 The object of sale under the online sale contract are new products, without internal defects. In the event when any defects are found AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner shall take the responsibility for the faulty products.

14.2 If the sold item proves to contain any physical defects, the Customer shall be eligible to the claims regarding the improper performance of the obligation by AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner or under the warranty for physical defects - in particular, the Customer may request the replacement of the item with the item free of defects, removal of the defect, cancellation of the Contract and a refund (unless the defect proves to be irrelevant) or demand a reduction of price.

14.3 In case of complaints regarding the orders the Customer should contact AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner via e-mail or post, and return the defective product to AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner. The Customer should indicate what is his/her claim,  whereas AMAZING LASHES /  AMAZING LASHES Partner is not bound with this indication.

14.4 AMAZING LASHES / AMAZING LASHES Partner shall consider the claim within 14 days. The Customer will be informed about the method of dealing with the complaint.

  1. Provisions regarding the processing of personal data

15.1. Processing of personal data for the purposes of the performance of the Online Sale Contract

The Customer may give his/her voluntary consent to the processing of personal data by AMAZING LASHES and AMAZING LASHES Partners, within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data for the purpose of the online sale contract. However, no consent to the processing of personal data for the above aim prevents the performance of the contract and completing the order. The Customer has the right to file a complaint about the processing of his/her personal data to the supervisory body, the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (or other appropriate authority).

15.2. Processing of personal data for marketing purposes

The Customer may give his/her consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes in accordance with the Act of 29 August, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922, as amended) and entrusting them to the third party in order to provide the Customer with advertising materials and information about promotional and marketing campaigns as well as the information on the Company AMAZING LASHES. The Customer has the right to file a complaint about his personal data processing to the supervisory body, the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (or other appropriate authority).

15.3. Personal Data Administrator and rights related to data processing

The administrator of your personal data is AMAZING LASHES, i.e. the entity indicated in 1.1 Amazing Lashes OÜ, Laki tn 30, Tallinn (12915), Estonia. In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, providing personal data is voluntary and the Customer has the right to control his/her data and correct them, change , as well as request for their erasure, restriction, he/she can object to processing, transferring and withdrawing from the consent for processing at any time. Personal data, processed for marketing and information purposes, will be stored for a period of 3 years counted from the end of the year in which they were obtained; the data collected for the purpose of order processing will be processed and stored for the period in which the orders will be processed.

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